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Sherwin-Williams Exterior Primers

Loxon® Concrete & Masonry Primer/Sealer

Ideal Application
Loxon Concrete & Masonry Primer is perfect for sealing and conditioning porous above-grade masonry surfaces. It tolerates the high pH common in new masonry and ensures a uniform look and long-lasting finish.

Product Attributes
  • Seals and adheres to concrete, plaster, brick, stucco, fiber cement siding and EIFS exterior insulated siding
  • Masks pinholes and surface imperfections while preventing peeling caused by alkali salt damage
  • Saves the time and money typically lost while waiting for complete curing of concrete surfaces
White A24W08300

Sherwin-Williams Interior Primers

Multi-Purpose Interior/Exterior Latex Primer/Sealer

Ideal Application
A general-utility primer ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Its wide versatility and strong adhesion properties make it a universal favorite.

Product Attributes
  • Excellent stain-blocking and hiding
  • Good adhesion and bonding
  • Can be used as a pre-wallcovering primer to promote easy removal
  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F
Deep Base B51W00453
White B51W00450

PrepRite® ProBlock® Interior/Exterior Latex Primer/Sealer

Ideal Application
Assures uniform appearance and adhesion of the topcoat to slick, glossy surfaces. Dries fast and seals out solvent sensitive stains.

Product Attributes
  • Blocks stains
  • Dries quickly and assures a uniform finish
Deep Base B51W00623
White B51W00620

PrimeRx™ Peel Bonding Primer

Ideal Application
PrimeRx™ Peel Bonding Primer has been engineered to provide strong bonding, bridging and filling capabilities over marginally prepared, peeling and alligatored substrates. Whether it's wood, masonry, stucco, hardboards or chalky surfaces, PrimeRx™ penetrates to deliver a tight bond with powerful adhesion, allowing you to achieve great results with less time and effort.

Product Attributes
  • Seals and bonds tightly to marginally prepared or peeling exteriors.
  • Saves time, money and labor so you can get the job done faster with less sanding and scraping.
  • Goes on milky-white for ease of application and dries clear.
  • Penetrating, heavy-bodied formula is thick and flexible to create smoother, more even basecoat on rugged, weathered surfaces.
  • Compatible with any of our exterior acrylic topcoats.
  • Meets the most stringent VOC regulations.
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water.
Clear B51T00600

Pro Industrial™ Pro-Cryl® Universal Acrylic Primer

Ideal Application
This self cross-linking acrylic primer is designed for construction and maintenance applications and is engineered for surfaces where rust and corrosion resistance is critical. Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Primer is a water-based alternative to solvent-based metal primers. It can be used on all bare steel, aluminum and galvanized substrates and is ideal for structural steel, machinery, piping or equipment found in schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and industrial sites.

Product Attributes
  • Single-component, rust-inhibitive primer for steel, aluminum, and galvanized
  • Recommended when a corrosion-resistant primer is required
  • Alternative to conventional solvent-based primers
  • Accepts all topcoats — including hot-solvent urethanes and epoxies
  • Early moisture resistant
  • Fast drying
  • Low temperature application
  • Available in red-oxide, gray and off-white
  • Acceptable for use in USDA-inspected facilities
Gray B66A00310
Off White B66W00310
Red Oxide B66N00310
Products: 1 - 5 | 6 - 10 | 11 - 12 | View All

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